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Hi! I’m Nina! Founder of The Skin Prayer Boutique Spa in Inglewood California. Born and Raised in Los Angeles California, I attended Aveda Institute in pursuit of a new fresh passion. I found myself in need of new creative energy after spending 8 years as a product and freelance photographer.


Something inside of me knew there was more opportunity and happiness in a different career path. Once I gained the confidence to move away from what I thought was my calling I found myself immersed in the beauty industry.

I was in awe at what makeup can do, but I was sold on what skincare will do.


I wanted to achieve the “no make-up, make up” look with NO makeup, and I knew it was possible. For me it’s more than just about beauty, Its about making a positive difference in peoples overall well-being and providing trusted information about skincare, so you can glow from within and from without.


Now here In Inglewood California just a few blocks from where I grew up and attended high school, I’m dedicated to giving you quality service that makes you walk away with a sense of peace and calm.


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